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    Seattle midwives Beth Coyote, LM, CPM (left) and Lynn Hughes, LM (center) are graduates of Seattle Midwifery School, a leading institution in training midwives for home and birth center birth now merged with Bastyr University. Sara Alvarado, LM, ND (right), midwife and naturopathic doctor is a graduate of Bastyr University with a master of science in midwifery and a naturopathic doctor degree. As Licensed Midwives in the State of Washington, we actively participate in Peer Review and Quality Management through the Midwives Association of Washington State (MAWS). Rainy City is a preceptor site for student midwives from Bastyr University.

    Jasmine Bay, LM, L.Ac.
    Jasmine is a midwife and acupuncturist offering specialized acupuncture for fertility, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. While not technically part of Rainy City, Jasmine has become an integral part of the care we provide through our frequent referrals to her practice. So we think of her as part of the Rainy City family. She has recently moved her office to Wallingford. For more information, please visit Jasmine's web site or call 206-414-9229.

    Call us at (206) 861-8300 or e-mail info@rcmidwife.com