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    Beth Coyote, LM, CPM

    Beth CoyoteWhen I was twenty three (in 1973) and the mother of six month old Maya, I drove to Far Rockaway, a town outside New York City with my friend Louise who also brought her nursing baby, Ari. We were going to deliver a baby. We had never met the mother. I don’t know how she contacted us. I just knew we were going to help her have a home birth. After Maya’s birth, I was on fire with the notion that birth needed to be liberated from the hospital. I wasn’t a midwife. We weren’t midwives. We were adventurers in what became the most brilliant work I could ever imagine.

    We decided that Louise would catch the baby. However, Ari was nursing. Maya, my baby, was asleep. So I put out my hands and received the newborn baby. A girl. A beautiful pink girl. I remember the elation I felt driving home in the early dawn.

    A midwife was born that day.

    I’m still at it. It’s still magic. I still love what I do. I find additional joy in training students. I attended my grandson’s birth with two young midwives and I’m proud to say that my dream of a midwife for every mother is beginning to be realized.

    Changing with the babies & the years

    Beth C 1976 Beth C 1994 Beth C 2003




    Beth Coyote LM CPM
    Sara Alvarado ND LM
    Lynn Hughes LM
    Justine Guarda, Office Manager

    "My dream of a midwife for every mother is beginning to be realized." - Beth Coyote