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    Katie, Rainy City Client

    Katie's Story

    "We planned a homebirth for our second child after the natural, uncomplicated birth of our first child in a hospital. Things were not to be so smooth with this second baby, however.

    The baby’s heart rate suddenly became very unstable after six hours of labor and we had to be transferred by ambulance to the hospital.

    Beth handled our emergency situation with calm and certainty, overseeing our quick transfer to University of Washington Medical Center, where our baby was safely delivered by cesarean. She was with us throughout the ordeal until it was clear that the baby and I were both safe and healthy. The medical team praised Beth’s quick and decisive handling of our hospital transfer – they said, in fact, that her rapid response was what saved our baby.

    Beth and Geraldine continued to help us in the days and weeks following the delivery to process our experience and provided physical and emotional support for us during our recovery.

    Some would say that ours is the kind of case that demonstrates that birth should always take place in hospitals. While I am profoundly grateful that I had access to top quality hospital care, I think our case instead shows the way in which well-trained, experienced midwives are an important partner in the birth process (some would say “industry”) in America.

    We didn’t get the home birth that we had planned on, but we got a healthy baby and healthy mom thanks to the top notch maternity care – physical and emotional – we received from a very caring and skilled team of women. Thank you, Beth, Geraldine, and Bev!"

    Katie (and Rich and Ian and Theo!)