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    Kim's Story (As Told by Ryan, Father of Seth)

    Mom and baby - Kim and Seth Our little guy was born at 6:32pm on August 02. 8lbs 9oz. 22" long with a whopping 14" diameter head! He and Mom are healthy and happy. We are spending some down time discovering the beginning of our new life together.

    I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and well wishes over the last few weeks.

    We wanted to share a bit of our birth story with everyone who had not heard yet, as it was quite a wild ride!

    On Monday morning just after midnight, Kim and I knew it was time to call our Midwife. For the previous four days Kim had been enduring consistent contractions every 10 -20 minutes. We were both extremely tired, and thankful that we were finally going to be able to hunker down for the real start of our home birth. Throughout the early hours of Monday morning Kim showed her will and determination. As our Midwife and doula supported us from a quiet distance we embraced the baby sethuniqueness of her labor. Smiling, laughing and working hard together she progressed very well with the freedom to deal with the contractions on her terms and in her own space.

    Around 11:00am Kim was fully dilated, and ready to push. For the next two and a half hours I watched my wife with admiration as she worked as hard as humanly possible. At 2:00pm our midwifes realized that our little guy may not be cooperating. Kim was 11 days past her due date, and had grown a strong, healthy, and large boy! Our midwifes advised us that they would like to transfer to the hospital so that if necessary the support of the hospital would be at hand.

    Kim, Ryan and Seth - Rainy City Clients At the UW Medical Center Kim continued to labor as she wanted without pain medication and with amazing strength. Unfortunately it became clear to us that our little guy was stuck in a position that would not allow him to be birthed without a medical intervention. I was by Kim's side as he was born by c-section. He was alert and full of life.

    We were fortunate to have a medical team during the operation who supported our wishes, and Seth was brought to Kim immediately from the womb for that ever important skin to skin bonding time. Kim's recovery has been strong, considering there was a complication during Seth's birth that required additional surgery to her bladder. After three sleepless nights as a family at the hospital we were discharged on the fifth.

    We are truly home again, and excited to be parents.

    Kim, Ryan & Seth