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    We believe that pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding are all normal but extraordinary events in the life of the family. As your midwives, we offer you leisurely appointments where your family and friends are welcome. We anticipate that you will have a healthy pregnancy (most women do!) and you will successfully navigate the transition from pregnancy to motherhood. With over 30 years of experience helping families during this incredible time, we can honestly tell you that the birth of your child is a strong, healing process you will never forget. We feel privileged to be part of this wonderful profession.

    Our Services Include :

    • Free hour long consultation (get acquainted) appointments with one of our midwives.
    • Hour-long initial prenatal and 6-week postpartum appointments and hour-long prenatals as needed.
    • 24 hour on-call; for phone consultation or face to face visits.
    • Daytime and evening appointments available. Send us an email or call us to make an appointment - 206.861.8300
    • Home birth and birth center births (Center For Birth and SHMS Birth Center) available.
    • Referrals for acupuncturist who works closely with Rainy City.
    • Insurance coverage questions? Call (360-632-4435) or send an email to Ingrid Skjelstad, our insurance biller.

    We work with other licensed professionals to bring clients safe and satisfying care. We are able to offer you lab services, physical exams during and after pregnancy, non-stress tests in our office, referrals for ultrasounds and newborn exams at the time of the birth. We concentrate on breastfeeding support after birth with several home and clinic visits. We have a wide network of childbirth professionals that we access for referrals and consultation. In the event of a hospital transfer, we follow you to the hospital as advocates and support for your labor and birth.