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    Anna, Ryan and MayaMy partner and I choose Rainy City Midwifery for care with our first pregnancy based on the wonderful reviews of their work and their sound practice experience. After working with Beth and Lynn during our pregnancy and through our very long labor, we could not have been happier with our choice.

    Beth and Lynn make an excellent team of midwives who provided us with the personalized care, expert knowledge and experience, and humor to help us feel confident and excited about the entire process of our pregnancy and labor.

    While my pregnancy was very straightforward, my labor was challenging and atypical with unusually slow progressing contractions and a long time pushing. As a first time mom, I walked into my labor feeling excited and nervous about the unknowns ahead and the arrival of my baby. After many hours of labor, I amazingly continued to feel not only excited but confident about my ability to birth my baby. I believe my confidence and calm throughout my challenging labor was largely due to the incredible support I felt from my team of midwives, Lynn and midwife student, Krysta, birth assistant, Leah and doula, Brenda. During my labor, I felt cared for physically and emotionally.

    As I moved very slowly through my labor, Lynn and Krysta provided supportive encouragement and reassurance to me and my partner. I was impressed by how Lynn and Krysta worked together thoughtfully to offer me different options, such as changing labor positions and homeopathic remedies and herbal tinctures, to encourage my labor along. I always felt that I had a voice in this process and was encouraged to ask questions. With Lynn and Krysta's seamless inclusion of my doula and the birth assistant into the team, I felt I had the perfect care team for my needs.

    Now 6 weeks postpartum and approaching the end of my care with Rainy City Midwifery, I am grateful for not only having had such an empowering and positive birth experience, but for the continued relationship with Beth, Lynn and Krysta during the postpartum period. Their home visits were a welcomed chance to ask questions and check in as my partner and I dove into parenting, and the later visits were a wonderful chance to reflect on our last 10 months. I hold my experience with Rainy City Midwifery close to my heart and look forward to telling my daughter about her beautiful birth.

    Anna, Ryan and Maya

    Suzanne, Tory and HannahI could never tell my birth story without starting at the point at which I decided to transfer to the care of the midwives at Rainy City. It was hands down the best decision I have ever made. The care leading up to our birth was a journey filled with wisdom, compassion and warmth. I felt validated and celebrated as a woman, my partner felt valued as a father, and our little babe was bound for a beautiful entrance into the world.

    Through the midwives at Rainy City, we found the perfect doula and childbirth class, both of which were invaluable during our birth. I went into birth with such confidence in myself, and surrounded by such calm and strong women, that I never even recognized that I was in active labor or transition. After about 27 hours of peaceful labor at home, I was circled by amazing women as I discovered the depth of my own power while I pushed my baby out. My partner was transformed, I was transformed, and our baby was born safely at home into our arms. That night will never allow me to forget my own strength, and I will be forever grateful for the amazing women who helped us both cross over into parenthood, and eased our baby girl into the world. Thank you for a profoundly beautiful journey! (Read Suzanne's birth story.)

    Suzanne, Tory and Hannah

    Baby RayLadies, your positivity made it possible for me to do all I could do. We can't thank you enough for helping us receive Alder into this world. Thanks for allowing me to believe in myself. Love,

    Kate (Alder's Mom)

    Baby RayStrong, beautiful midwives at Rainy City, not only did you painlessly and flawlessly deliver my first born son, but you now stand as a symbol of how to be a calm, solid person who can support through suggestion. You are wonderful women to have met! Thank you.

    Blair (Alder's Dad)

    Baby RayHere he is, born on August the 28th at 9:58pm and weighing in at 9lbs 13.7oz, and 21 inches long. Baby Raymundo James Wood (his friends call him ray ray). As his proud parents, we can't thank Rainy City enough for the amazing care and support they provided. Even though the birth wasn't exactly the way we planed, Beth, Bev, Lynn, and everyone honestly made our pregnancy exactly what we wanted and more.

    Tamara, Chris, Ray

    Katja, Carleton and childrenWe are extremely happy with the care we received from the midwives at Rainy City Midwifery. We remember countless hilarious (and informative) prenatal visits. We always felt like we were in wise and knowledgeable hands. Our birth was a very trying experience that included many days of prodromal labor, but knowing that our midwives were there to back us up and provide unconditional support, both emotionally and physically, was what allowed us to have a natural birth at home in the water. We are grateful to both our midwives for their wisdom, grace and gentleness. You are our heroes and we can't wait to have many more babies born into your hands.

    and with their second child:
    Once again we've had a beautiful birth and a healthy addition to our family, thanks to you! We are so grateful to have you in our lives in your many blessed roles. There are not many in the world we trust so implicitly and love so strongly. We love and cherish your wisdom, your laughter and your serenity. Never again will there be another midwife as magical and as human as our Beth.

    Katja, Carleton, Lamir and Trillium

    To our Rainy City Midwives!
    The story included in our birth announcement can barely begin to describe the amazing journey that we shared. If every detail of your caring, loving and encouragement were included it would be a novel. I can't picture having delivered our daughter any other way or with any other group of tremendous and courageous women! When I reflect on our birth I can hear all three of you say, "That's the one, that's the push" and it brings tears to my eyes - even now! I am so overwhelmingly impressed with the work that you have chosen to do. All of us mamas need midwives like you. Many, many thank you's.  
    Siri, Andy & Ainslie Adams

    Fatimah & MalikWe couldn't have imagined a better experience for our pre-natal care and labor and birth support! Throughout the pregnancy we predominately saw Lynn, and she immediately held a place in our hearts. Her warm spirit and passion was evident in her answers to our questions and concerns, as well as in just chatting and getting to know each other.  At our labor and birth, Lynn's presence allowed us to feel confident in ourselves and our abilities. And when needed, she and her student midwife gave us the hands-on support necessary. We are thankful, grateful and honored that Lynn was our attending midwife for our first born!  
    The Iwanik Family, West Seattle

    Lynn, Mindi with newborn, clients of Rainy City MidwiferyA big decision: we’re going for a home birth!
    Fri, Nov 6th, 2009
    (from Zero to Baby, a Rainy City Family's Blog)

    I think today we went from being pretty certain about having our baby in a hospital with a doctor and all that that implies to going to the complete opposite end of the spectrum and deciding to do a home birth with a midwife.

    I totally think it’s the right thing for us to do.

    We met with a midwife group called Rainy City Midwifery and the difference between what we learned in the 60 minutes there versus the 3 visits and many hours of being at the Polyclinic was stark, to say the least.

    Beth Coyote (great name, right?) at Rainy City Midwifery was amazing. Right away she talked about how this is not simply a medical procedure involving a uterus and a baby, but something that is happening to our family. The creation of a family even. Imagine that. Read the full blog post at Zero to Baby>

    Rainy City clients, Andrea, Ron and baby MaxwellWe transferred to Rainy City at 28 weeks pregnant. I was unsatisfied with the care I was receiving from my OB and wanted to switch to a home birth. It was so nice to be able to ask questions and have compassionate, involved care. I developed high blood pressure towards the end of my pregnancy and Lynn went above and beyond the call of duty to help us through it...home visits, extra appointments, consultations. Over the weeks leading up to the delivery, she became part of our family. She checked in with me almost every day, even amidst a very busy season of births.  As fate would have it, I was unable to have my home birth, but Lynn was able to come to the hospital to lend support and encouragement anyway.  Her warm, caring spirit is truly unique and I feel very blessed that we were able to experience her care during my pregnancy. 

    Andrea, Ron, & Max

    Lynn, Mindi with newborn, clients of Rainy City MidwiferyChoosing to have both of my babies with Rainy City Midwifery was the best decision that I could have made for both myself, and my family. The care and support that I, as well as my partner and babies received was far superior to any care I have received from any clinic, office, or hospital. The atmosphere is always warm and inviting, as well as  reassuring and professional. I would recommend the midwives at Rainy City to my own children, and their children after them.

    Lynn, Mindi, Harris & Stella

    Dear Beth, I don't know where to begin to thank you for all you've done to help us bring our baby into this world. When I first met you, I was inspired by your life work and dreamed of having someone like you to help me through this experience. I am so grateful we got that opportunity! My family is truly blessed! I acknowledge you for your amazing love, courage, support, laughter and joy you give to so many! Thank you for being you!

    We love you,
    Rhondalynn, Tony and Graceson

    Miranda, a Rainy City Mom



    The women at Rainy City guided us through the joy of pregnancy with grace, knowledge and genuine love. Their impact on all three of our lives will forever be felt.

    Miranda, Joshua and baby Esme






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